Check up

Dental Check up

At each check-up

Dental Check up

At each check-up we will begin by having a chat. We ask about your general health and any issues that might affect your teeth:  smoking, diet, brushing etc. We’ll also discuss any problems you’ve had with your teeth, mouth, breath or gums and  check the health of these areas .  An oral cancer screening will be part of this process.

We can then start to work on a treatment plan together. Disease prevention is extremely important and we focus on oral health and diet to help stop tooth decay before it becomes a problem. We may recommend a future appointment with our dental hygienist Paula Cavanagh to help with this.

Our practice is equipped with the latest dental technology available. Our digitalised x-ray system significantly reduces our patients’ exposure to radiation.  Our OPG machine enables us to do a full-mouth x-ray.  This helps us  to diagnose patients more quickly and accurately than ever before.

For nervous patients we take a slow approach. If it’s possible we find it best not to do any actual treatment on the first appointment, but rather spend time discussing the options to build confidence and reduce anxiety. We also spend time finding out about any problems you may have had in the past to find ways around any concerns that you may have about the future treatment.

Patients covered by PRSI are entitled to a free examination every year, and we encourage people to use this.

To make an appointment, call us on 018401001