Dr. Victor Vidigal

Specialist Oral Surgeon BDS, MSC. 

Dr. Victor Vidigal is a Brazillian Dental Surgeon based in Ireland. He completed his undergraduate Dental Degree in Minas Gerais, Brazil, before going on to postgraduate studies in Oral Surgery.

Victor also holds an MSc in General Dentistry from Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal and a Master’s Degree in Implantology from the European Postgraduate Centre.

He is attending a Periodontology Postgraduation (end August 2023) in Egan Moniz University, but before that he had also taken a course in Three-Dimensional Rehabilitation of Soft and Hard Tissues from Mollaris Specialist Formation.

Victor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Swords Dental and he is a great addition to our team. He is now accepting referrals for surgical extractions (including impacted wisdom teeth), frenectomies, crown lengthening, exposure of canines for orthodontics, implants, periodontal regeneration, and tissue grafts amongst many other treatments.


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