Dental Sedation

The availability of relaxation techniques, modern anesthetics and sedation mean that dentistry can be performed in a relaxed and pain-free manner. Swords Dental are delighted to offer the option of conscious sedation for our patients.

Dental phobia may be related to one specific procedure or to a more general fear of dentistry. This phobia can be triggered by a bad experience in childhood. Dental anxiety and phobia can lead to people delaying or avoiding the treatment that they need. Often the most difficult step in overcoming this fear is making the initial appointment for a chat and an assessment.



This involves the use of a tablet before treatment to help the patient to relax. It offers mild sedation. Sometimes patients take a tablet the night before the treatment to help them get a good nights sleep.


Nitrous Oxide

This is a safe and effective agent that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a special mouthpiece to help you to relax. The use of nitrous oxide or “happy air”induces a feeling of lightheadedness and is often accompanied by a feeling of warmth and tingling. It makes you feel calm and comfortable. The effects wear off once the sedation is finished. This is particularly suited to children and is the only available sedation for people under the age of 16. It also works well for mild to moderately anxious adult patients.


IV Sedation

This involves using a drug called midazolam to establish a strong level sedation. It allows us to perform a broad range of dental treatment. The relaxed state is often described as something between sleep and wakefulness. It leads to sense of detachment from the treatment. Most patients can’t remember much of the appointment afterward. You are conscious through the appointment however and can respond to any requests. We carefully control the level of sedation to ensure the correct level is achieved.

We take time to carefully consider each patient’s medical history and suitability for this option as not everyone will be eligible for the treatment. If not, we can consider one of the other forms of sedation that we provide.