Children’s Dentistry


We love to see to children, ideally before there are any problems, because creating a happy and positive experience early helps to avoid dental-phobia later in life. Learning to look after your teeth and brush them correctly at an early age is important Earlier visits can allow us to prevent common issues before they arise.

Fissure sealants can be placed on the large adult teeth at the back to help protect then in the vulnerable 6-12 age range. They are coatings that fill in the indented area in the biting surface of the tooth, which food lodges in, and is prone to decay.

Other problems which can be helped by regular childhood examination include:

Tooth wear and erosion can be a major problem for children given that their diet may be high in acid from fruit or fruit drinks. Proper diagnosis and prevention helps to maintain these teeth and prevent similar problems with the new adult teeth.
Preserving the baby teeth helps with the eruption of the adult teeth into the correct position. By filling baby teeth which have been damaged by decay or trauma we can prevent pain, and avoid early extractions.
We can identify children whose diet is high in sugar and is likely to lead to problems with the adult teeth as they erupt. We have plenty of advice and tips for a realistic healthy diet.
Finally, we can diagnose problems such as tooth crowding and missing adult teeth. Sometimes an intervention is needed in relation to these problems which can help to minimise orthodontic treatment (braces) later in childhood.
If braces are required, early referral to a specialist can shorten the length of time of treatment.