Coronavirus (COVID-19) dental patient update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) dental patient update

Dentists have been forced to weigh the risk in what we do at this time against the service we want to provide for you.

We will continue to offer emergency treatment cover for our patients. If you wish to discuss any dental problem you currently have, please contact the reception and the nurse/receptionist will assess it, and if required involve the dentist directly in that assessment. A part of this will involve questions about you and any family members exposure risk to Covid-19 and any recent travel from a high risk areas.

We cannot cover all treatment options at this time. Unfortunately, all check ups, general cleaning and hygienist appointments have been cancelled until further notice.

As the spread of Coronavirus continues, we wish to highlight everything we are currently doing to help prevent the spread of the virus within the practice

The following measures are part of our daily cross infection protocols:

Handwashing before and after each patient attends.
Cleaning/sterilising all contact surfaces on an ongoing and regular basis.
Sterilisation by autoclave of all surgical and clinical instruments.
Use of protective clothing/facemasks etc.

To help us maintain a clean clinical environment and to lower the risk of cross-contamination we would request all patients attending the practice follow these instructions:

Make phone contact with the practice initially to assess your need to attend.
Once instructed, patients should attend on their own unless supervision is necessary.
Obey the 2m social distancing rules if another patient is waiting.
Use the hand sanitisers immediately on arrival and after treatment.

By following the above instructions we can assure you that our dental practice environment is as safe as possible at this time.

There are currently many things for you to consider due to Coronavirus. Please be assured emergency dental treatment for you and your family shouldn’t be one of them. We remain here to help. Tel. 8401001