Dental Cleaning for PRSI Patients for 15 euros!

Dental Cleaning for PRSI Patients for 15 euros!

Patients who are covered by PRSI ( including the self-employed) are now entitled to a free check up and subsidised dental cleaning each year. Alternatively, a contribution of 42 euros will go towards advanced gum treatment sessions.

The plans will see 2.5 million people have access to dental cleaning and payments towards glasses.

Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar said that the plan would bring 380,000 self-employed people into the PSRI net for the first time.

‘They will have new benefits extended to them, including treatment benefit such as free eye and dental tests for the first time.’


These dental benefits are run once per calendar year so to make use of your entitlement for 2017 it would be a good idea to make an appointment in the near future.

Its great to finally see some of the benefits that we pay insurance for being reinstated- hopefully there’ll be more to come!
To make an appointment for a cleaning or gum treatment appointment give us a call on 01 8401001.