Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance with Vhi Dental

Swords Dental is a member of the Vhi Direct Pay Dental Network.

Vhi Dental members can avail of Direct Payment of their plan benefits when they attend a dentist or hygienist at Swords Dental. You only have to pay the dentist for the costs of dental treatment not covered by your Vhi Dental plan.


What does VHI dental insurance cover?

Vhi Dental offer comprehensive dental cover. Enjoy cover for routine treatment including check-ups and cleanings as well as great benefits for more costly dental treatments including fillings, crowns and root canals.


Why do I need to phone Vhi Dental before going to the dentist?

You need to phone Vhi Dental as this is the first part of the claims process. It allows us to inform your dentist of your benefits and level of cover. Different people may have different levels of cover, and they may still have a waiting period depending on their level of cover or they may have reached their benefits limit for a particular treatment.


Can I phone Vhi Dental from the dentist?

Vhi strongly recommend that you phone them 24hrs before your appointment to allow adequate time for us to check your level of cover and any waiting periods you may have to serve. If you phone from the dentist there may not be adequate time for us to confirm your benefit entitlements to the dentist which would mean that your dentist would not be able to provide you with the Dentist Direct Pay service. The number to call Vhi to check your dental insurance benefits is 046 9077 337 or alternatively you can email at If you have a dental emergency please phone Vhi as soon as possible.


Do I need to bring a claim form with me to the dentist when I’m using Dentist Direct Pay?

No, Swords Dental will have the Vhi Dental Claim form which we will get you to sign after you have had your treatment. Tel. 01 8401001