My six-month-old baby has just got his first tooth! How do I look after the first teeth?

Your baby’s first tooth is an exciting milestone. When the first tooth appears you should start tooth-brushing. Use a small headed soft toothbrush, which is specifically made for babies. Mains water supply in Ireland is fluoridated, so just putting water on the toothbrush is enough until your child is two years old.

Your baby may find the sensation strange at first, but will soon get used to it. Try to make it fun. It’s often easier to clean your baby’s teeth if you are behind them. Good positions to brush your baby’s teeth include on your knee or in a baby chair/highchair. Bath time is often a good time to introduce tooth-brushing for the first time.


You also need to think about a healthy diet. Drinks and snacks can have a particularly high impact on tooth health. Never put sweetened drinks into a baby bottle.


Finally, make sure you are looking after your own teeth well. Children watch us all the time and will take their lead from us.