Nervous Dental Patients

One in four people would describe themselves as being afraid of going to the dentist. The main reasons given are worrying that the treatment will be painful and concern that the visit will bring back memories of a bad experience in childhood. We understand patients’ fears but our gentle treatment, positive attitude and modern surgery helps make treatment as stress free as possible.

My name is Dr Lyndsey McTavish-Lynam, I’m a member of the International Society of Dental Anxiety Management, and these are some of my tips on overcoming your fear.
-Make sure we know that you are nervous.
-Pick an early appointment so you have less time to dwell on it.
-Book a consultation for your first appointment so you don’t have to worry about the drill or an injection before you get to know us.
-Numbing gel helps minimise the feel of the injection, we use it routinely.
-Agree a stop signal in advance of any treatment to help you feel more in control. We usually suggest raising your hand.
-If the noise of the drill is your main concern bring along a mp3 player and headphones to help you relax.
-Relaxation and sedation techniques are available, if you are interested in this we can discuss them with you.
-Slow, deep breathing will help keep you calm before and during the appointment.
Hope this has been of some help. The most important step for nervous patients is to make the initial consultation. Talking through your fears and finding out what your treatment involves will make everything easier.
If you’d like to make an appointment contact on phone @ 01 8401001.